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Cut and cover construction

Definition of Tunnel waterproofing systems with increasing waterproofing requirements.

In difference to the mining technique of a tunnel, the cut-and-cover method takes place in the open underground. The tunnel geomembrane is placed loosely on the protection geotextile, which is installed first onto the sealing carrier layer (construction concrete) and which must be smooth and free of cavities and ridges. A second protection geotextile is placed (also loosely) on top of the tunnel geomembrane.

No. (acc. to increasig sealing requirements) Hydrostatic pressure (m) Waterproofing-
membrane System
Sealingsystem (Water corrision class, XA-class) Additional requirements
low, moderate XA1, XA2 high, XA3 Waterstops (inside or outside installation) Integrated Injektion-
1 without - watertight concrete - yes no
2 without umbrella Geomembrane 3mm - no no
3 without all around 360° - Geomembrane 3mm no no
4 <30 - watertight concrete - yes no
5 <30 all around 360° - watertight concrete + Geomembrane 3mm yes no

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