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Technical Guidlines

Below you can find the most important technical guidelines concerning to their application:

1. ZTV-ING Additional technical contractual conditions and guidelines for civil engineering structures
Publisher: Federal ministry of traffic, construction and city planning of the Federal Republic of Germany
Application: All German civil engineering structures specially roadtunnels

2. DB Rili 853 Railway tunnels design, build and maintain
Publisher: DB Netz AG
Application: All German railway tunnel oft he DB Netz AG

3. Recommendations for Sealingsystems for Tunnelconstructions
Publisher: German Society for Geotechnics (DGGT) Recommendations of task force AK 5.1
Application: All underground constructions

4. DVS 2225-5 Welding of geomembranes of thermoplastic materials in Tunnel constructions
Publisher: German Welding Society (DVS)
Application: All underground constructions

5. RVS 8T Technical contract conditions for tunneling
Publisher: Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology – Austrian Association for Research on Road – Rail - Transport
Application: All underground constructions specially the parts of Austrian federal roads

6. SIA 272 Generally conditions for waterproofing and drainage of buildings below ground and in underground mining
Publisher: Swiss Society of engineers and architects
Application: All Sealingsystems for underground constructions specially of Switzerland